Date: 20th February 2001

Uma Thurman's Weight Worries

NATASHA RICHARDSON is begging fellow actress UMA THURMAN to give up her weight worries - because they're making her look ill.

Thurman admits she has become obsessed with her weight after giving birth to her daughter MAYA in 1998, and new pictures of her in American magazine TALK make her seem dangerously skinny and skeletal.

The PULP FICTION star admits, "Ever since I had a baby I've had that body dysmorphic disorder. I see myself as fat." In a recent interview, Uma, who is married to actor ETHAN HAWKE, refused to eat a piece of bread just in case it made her pile on the pounds (kilograms).

And close friend Natasha Richardson has decided enough is enough. She admits, like many of the former model's friends, she's worried over Thurman's unhealthy obsession. She explains, "Can you believe it? Uma genuinely believes she's fat. And she's so thin! "I don't know where that comes from. But it's totally genuine. And I think it hurts her." (MB/TK/CPT)

Source: WENN



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