Date: 20th February 2001

Richard Harris Disappointed With Harry Potter Role

Veteran actor RICHARD HARRIS is not pleased to be working on the long-awaited HARRY POTTER movie.

The GLADIATOR star admits his role as DUMBLEDORE doesn't interest him at all. When quizzed about whether he felt happy about the role, Harris said, "I'm actually not. I'm in it, so is MAGGIE SMITH, ALAN RICKMAN and ROBBIE COLTRANE, but we're there sort of as special appearances. We come along and we do it and we get off and we go home."

When asked why he took on the role, he said, "Who knows? It's a job. I don't go to movies. I hate movies. They're a waste of time. I could be in a pub having more fun talking to idiots rather than sitting down watching idiots perform." But despite the lack of enthusiasm for the role, Harris admits he's pleased with the choice of Harry Potter, child actor DANIEL RADCLIFFE. He added, "The kid is just fantastic. For never having acted before, you know, he could give me acting lessons." (MB/WNWC/RP)

Source: WENN



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