Date: 20th February 2001

Billy Bob Thornton: Women Are Two-Faced

Five-times married actor BILLY BOB THORNTON finds women two-faced - especially when they're sleeping.

The unconventional ARMAGEDDON star, who is currently married to curvy actress ANGELINA JOLIE, finds that the women in his life can turn into "monsters" whilst they happily dream away.

He says, "Did you ever look at a women when she's asleep? You think, 'Who the f*** is that?' "This might be somebody you have been with for years, and you look at her and she's a stranger. 'What is she doing here?' "Much of the day time, you're like, 'Oh honey I love you'. But when she's asleep, that's how you really feel about her." (BR/WNSOBS/CPT)

Source: WENN



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