Date: 19th February 2001

Nicole Fears Scientology Backlash

NICOLE KIDMAN is terrified of the Church of Scientology.

Before she married TOM CRUISE Nicole was forced to undergo a rigorous Church of Scientology "screening session". Now the sexy actress is scared that the information will be used to discredit her in her battle for custody of their two adopted children, ISABELLA, eight, and CONNOR, six.

One close friend has told American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER that the Australian actress regrets complying with Cruise's demands that she be interviewed on a number of personal issues before their marriage.

The source says, "There were lengthy taped interviews in which she bared her soul. She did it because Tom felt it was important. "But now that the marriage has ended, she's afraid that people might use the personal details against her." (KL/NE/PDD)

Source: WENN



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