Date: 15th February 2001

California Contractors Hit Disney For $12.6 Million In Bills

The Walt Disney Co. has been hit with legal actions by five contractors who claim that they are owed some $12.6 million for work performed at the company's new California Adventure theme park, the Orange County Register reported Wednesday.

Susan Steiny, owner of Vallejo, CA-based electrical contractors Steiny and Co, told the newspaper that since the project was put on a "fast track" schedule, she was obligated to perform work without first settling on the cost. "That way they can renegotiate you down" after the work is done, Steiny told the Register. "It's an old trick and Disney's quite good at it. ... Eventually they settle, but it's all at a pretty penny." Disney spokesman Ray Gomez said, "The bottom line for us is we anticipate everything will get paid."

Source: Studio Briefing