Date: 15th February 2001

Disney, Imax Team For New Beauty

Disney announced Wednesday that it plans to release an Imax version of its 1991 animated feature Beauty and the Beast on March 8, 2002 and will include a new musical number, Human Again, from the stage version of the musical.

The studio said that it had never before added a new sequence to a previously released film. It marks the second time that Disney has teamed up with Toronto-based Imax. Last year it released Fantasia/2000 on 75 Imax screens, where it took in $64.4 million during a four-month run. In a statement on Wednesday, Dick Cook, chairman of Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, said: "The success of Fantasia/2000 clearly indicates that Disney entertainment and giant-screen showmanship go together like Mickey and Minnie, and this is a relationship we want to continue."

Disney also indicated that it is planning to produce Imax versions of the Broadway musical Bring In Da Noise, Bring In Da Funk, a prequel to The Black Stallion, and nature-adventure film called Birds of Prey and a film about the X Games.

Source: Studio Briefing