Date: 14th February 2001

Last "Happy Together" Photo Of Tom ans Nicole Prompting Top Bids

A photograph taken of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman on the Big Shot ride at the Las Vegas Stratosphere on Dec. 28 has become the object of an international bidding war, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke.

Kim Kopack, who manages photo operations for Cashman Photo at the hotel said that the highest bid so far has been $60,000 but that she has no plans to sell it. Nevertheless, she said, "So many people have contacted us that we've moved it from our safe at the Stratosphere to another location." According to Clarke, the couple, along with Kidman's brother-in-law and a bodyguard, rode the Big Shot several times. They had been scheduled to attend a Van Morrison concert at the local Hard Rock Cafe three days later but failed to show up, Clarke added.

Source: WENN