Date: 14th February 2001

Australian Channel Tries To Filter Survivor News

Australia's Channel 9 is taking extraordinary measures to prevent viewers from learning what is occurring on Survivor II:

The Australian Outback from other U.S. shows that air on the channel. Today's (Wednesday) Sydney Daily Telegraph reports that with the debut of the series tonight, more than two weeks after the U.S. premiere, the channel is dropping David Letterman, who frequently mentions the Survivor show, and is also reportedly cutting Survivor-related segments from the syndicated Entertainment Tonight.

Commented DT columnist Miranda Devine: "Survivor censorship is becoming a cover-up of Watergate proportions. But Nine can't control our access to the Internet and Fox News, with their endless supply of Survivor tidbits. ... The only solution is for Nine to air double episodes of Survivor until we catch up with the U.S. series."

Source: Studio Briefing