Date: 16th February 2001

Infidelity Rumours Are Wrecking Arnie Marriage

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and his wife MARIA SCHRIVER are on the verge of divorce, according to friends.

Newsreader Shriver is said to be livid at the latest round of infidelity reports surrounding her movie star husband and is seriously considering terminating their marriage. And the latest "groping" allegations from reporters in England, who claim Arnie was a little too familiar with them during interviews to promote THE SIXTH DAY last year (00), has only added to Shriver's fury.

A family friend says, "Arnold is obsessed with sex. He tries to hide his antics from his wife, using his bodyguards as look-outs on the set while he's having sex in his dressing room. "I remember when Arnie was having an affair with a stewardess while working on END OF DAYS - she would visit him on the set and was so bold that she'd even bring her little boy along, whom Arnold would bounce on his knee."

She adds, "
There have been all sorts of stories of Arnie pawing young assistants. I've personally witnessed him grab a young assistant, swing her onto his lap and say, `Tell Daddy, what you want for Christmas.' "These poor young girls are unnerved and frightened by his advances. "Maria has confronted him about the rumours and he says it's all lies, but she refuses to believe him any more." (KL/NE/KW)

Source: WENN