Date: 14th February 2001

Joaquin Phoenix Finds Acting Coach In Russell Crowe

Movie star JOAQUIN PHOENIX wanted RUSSELL CROWE to abuse him before shooting GLADIATOR - but the New Zealander got him drunk instead.

Phoenix, the brother of tragic star RIVER PHOENIX, decided he needed to be roughed up before filming the battle scenes in the epic Gladiator, so as to ensure he looked the part. But L.A. CONFIDENTIAL hunk Crowe decided a few beers and some invaluable acting advice would prove more useful.

He explains, "It was actually RICHARD HARRIS' idea because Joaquin was very nervous on the set and I went to Richard and said, `Mate, what are we gonna do with this kid, he's asking me to abuse him before takes.' So Richard says, `Let's get him p***ed.' We talked about how he requires an external force to get him into the moment and through a number of hours and a number of cans of GUINNESS, I got the point across to him that it's actually an internal journey and everything he needs to do with the character lives within him." (RXM/WN/MCM)

Source: WENN



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