Date: 13th February 2001

Guy's Mum Living In Poverty

SNATCH director GUY RITCHIE's mum has an allowance of 50-($75)-a- week - and the British government pays her tax and rent.

ADY AMBER LEIGHTON, 59, refuses to ask her son or her superstar daughter-in-law MADONNA for money, claiming Guy already gives her a small amount on a regular basis.

Leighton has no problem with working - but last year she was forced to stop after a heart attack due to heavy smoking and being 3st (42lb/19kg) overweight. She says, "It was Guy who forced me to give up, and after the heart attack I was too terrified to start smoking again." "In any event, Guy is not a rich man. He hasn't actually got that much- not by the time he's paid for the lifestyle you need in that position." (AW/WNTMA/PDD)

Source: WENN