Date: 13th February 2001

Keanu Reeves Gets Naked In November

Hunky actor KEANU REEVES had to strip completely naked with a complete stranger for his upcoming movie role.

Normally film stars wear a sock to cover their modesty during love scenes, but Keanu was forced to proudly bear all in SWEET NOVEMBER.

Co-star LAUREN GRAHAM, who performed the sexy scene with the heart-throb, admits it was weird seeing Reeves naked just minutes after they first met. She explains, "In order to shoot a love scene sometimes you get to wear something that approximates clothing and just the nature of how we were shooting, we just didn't. "It's always odd because it was like. 'Hi, nice to meet you and here's my naked body!' "Usually I like to get taken out to dinner or something, I like a little romance!"

In the movie Graham gets to dump Reeves, but she admits saying goodbye to the hunk wasn't at all challenging, "It just doesn't make any sense, it wasn't so tough because of his character in the film. "He doesn't give me anything so I only did what I had to do." (MB/WN/CPT

Source: WENN