Date: 12th February 2001

22 'Mistakes' Found in Hannibal

In just a few days, sharp-eyed moviegoers have managed to find 22 "continuity errors" in Hannibal and have posted them on the Movie Mistakes Web site .

According to the Web site, they include a sequence in which the Clarice Starling character's earrings change from studs to hoops and back again three times. In another scene, Hannibal Lecter is heard, voice over, reading a letter to Starling that ends with his saying, "Your good friend," before the signature -- but those words are not evident in the letter on screen.

Most curious may be a sequence in which Lecter and Starling are handcuffed together and Lecter, in one of the more gruesome incidents, manages to escape, leaving Starling in the 'cuffs. But when FBI agents arrive moments later and instruct her to put her hands in the air, the handcuffs have disappeared.

Source: Studio Briefing