Date: 9th February 2001

Fonda Saya She Wont Resume Acting Career

Jane Fonda says that -- her recent stage appearance in The Vagina Monologues not withstanding -- she has no intention of returning to acting. "Showing up on a set -- I mean, it's like -- no movie part would ever be as interesting as my life. And so, why go back?" she remarked in an interview with Barbara Walters scheduled to air on ABC's 20/20 tonight (Friday). Fonda said that she is currently working on a book that she hopes will explain her decision to support North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. It will also apparently contain an apology of sorts to U.S. soldiers who served in that war. "It just kills me that I ... did things that hurt ... those men. That was never my intention," she tells Walters. Nevertheless, she adds, "We felt betrayed by our own country -- by our own government."

Source: Studio Briefing