Date: 11th February 2001

Patrick Swayze Was Teased For Being Ballet Dancer

Sexy PATRICK SWAYZE was teased mercilessly in high school - for being a ballet dancer.

PAM BRUMFIELD, who was friends with the DIRTY DANCING star at WALTRIP HIGH SCHOOL in Houston, Texas, reckons Swayze, who everyone called BUDDY, had a hard time dealing with his reputation as a dedicated classical.

Brumfield says, "The guys in school gave him a real hard time about his dancing. "It wasn't considered a manly pursuit by the macho men at school who teased and taunted Buddy unmercifully." But Brumfield adds Swayze, who was also renowned for his guitar playing, gymnastic skills and achievement in school plays, never took any notice of the bullies. She adds, "Buddy's mum Patsy was a professional dancer and choreographer, and he was very disciplined and just ignored them." (LE/NE/KW)

Source: WENN