Date: 10th February 2001

Maclaine Dreamed Of Her Oscar Win

SHIRLEY MACLAINE knew she was set to win 1984's Best Actress OSCAR for TERMS OF ENDEARMENT as soon as she walked into the ceremony's auditorium because it mirrored a dream she'd had the night before.

Maclaine admits she was shocked at first when co-stars JACK NICHOLSON and DEBRA WINGER turned up with the guests she'd seen them with in her dream, wearing the outfits she dreamed about. She recalls, "I knew where I was sitting and where Jack and Debra were sitting and who they came with. "I didn't know LIZA MINNELLI would be presenting the award to me, but she showed up in my dream and when she walked out on the night I just knew. "In the dream, I just said, `I deserve this,' and so on the night I thought why ruin the dream, and so I said it again." (KL/WNV/MCM)

Source: WENN