Date: 10th February 2001

Kate Hudson Thrilled To Be Off To The Oscars

KATE HUDSON is delighted to be going to the Oscars this year (01) - because she's never been before.

Hudson's parents GOLDIE HAWN and KURT RUSSELL have invited her to the award ceremony every year since she was old enough to attend. But she's always resisted, convinced one day she'd be able to attend under her own steam.

She says, "I'm really excited. My whole life, I've been invited to the Oscars. My parents would ask, 'You want to go to the Oscars?' And I'd say, 'No'. You want to go, but not until there's a reason to go. "Not until I'm there to present an award, or one day, hopefully, nominated. So it's here. I'm presenting. I knew one day I'd make it there." (SVD/BZ/MCM)

Source: WENN