Date: 10th February 2001

Jennifer Lopez Frisked By Policeman

A policeman frisked Latino lovely JENNIFER LOPEZ - without realising who she was.

JACK KONSTANTINIDIS was one of five New York officers who arrested the singer-actress and her rap star lover PUFF DADDY after a gun drama in December 1999. He told a court, "I searched her arms up and down then up and down her legs and then her waist. Nobody believes me but I had no idea it was Jennifer Lopez."

The OUT OF SIGHT star reportedly begged him not to arrest her yelling, "My family, my friends, my career. I'm going to lose everything. Please! Please! Don't, don't." Then she tried to walk away telling the cops "I'm going home". But Konstantinidis handcuffed her and took her to a prison where she spent several hours before being released.

Puff Daddy - real name SEAN COMBS - is on trial for gun and bribery charges following a New York nightclub shooting. Three witnesses have already told the court they saw the 32-year- old multi-millionaire fire a gun inside the club. Fellow rapper JAMAL "SHYNE" BARROWS is accused of injuring three people when he opened fire in the crowded club after a reveller allegedly "disrespected" Puffy by tossing money in his face. Puff faces up to 15 years in jail if he's convicted. He denies both charges. (JXH/WNTSU/MCM)

Source: WENN



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