Date: 9th February 2001

Gladiator DVD Cuts British Soccer Disaster Photo

LATEST: DVD copies of hit film GLADIATOR have been reworked after it was found the discs contained an image from Britain's HILLSBOROUGH soccer disaster.

The Roman epic, which was directed by RIDLEY SCOTT, has been released on DVD along with an additional documentary on the links between sport and violence. But because of an error at the American library which supplied pictures to its producers, an image from the 1989 tragedy was included in the documentary.

The error was not spotted until a support group for relatives of the victims got in touch with its UK distributor, COLUMBIA TRISTAR. Ninety-six people - mostly LIVERPOOL fans - were crushed to death at the SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY stadium in 1989 after too many fans were allowed into the stadium during a game against NOTTINGHAM FOREST.

The still has now been removed from the documentary, which was produced separately from the Oscar-nominated film. (MCM/WNWCCB)

Source: WENN