Date: 8th February 2001

Mum's The Word For Cameron Crowe

Director CAMERON CROWE has been nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes - but his mum still hopes he'll get a proper job one day.

The JERRY MAGUIRE film-maker based FRANCES McDORMAND's character in his new movie ALMOST FAMOUS on his own mother, and says he couldn't have invented someone as complex as she is.

He says, "I really found I couldn't write a character as great as my own mother. She still thinks that I'm going to study law. "We moved to this house in San Diego so that we would be close to this law school. And every time I go home, she still says: 'Let's go walk up there'. "And we do. Every time she says: 'Isn't this a wonderful campus?' And I keep saying: 'Mum, I'm too old!'" (TM/WNBTI/MCM)

Source: WENN



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