Date: 6th February 2001

Another X-ellent ratings Performance

UPN's first XFL football telecast on Sunday scored a 4.2 rating and a 5 share Sunday representing twice the usual audience for a UPN telecast.

Media buyers told Bloomberg News that the results for Sunday's telecast as well as those for Saturday's on NBC far surpassed their expectations. "They've got great numbers," Andy Donchin of media buyers Carat USA told Bloomberg. "I can't remember a sports event having this much hype and buildup." A survey by Harris Interactive said that 75 percent of those who watched Saturday's NBC telecast regard themselves as wrestling fans. Forty-five percent were under 18 years old, 22 percent between 18 and 24. (A spokesman for Air Force recruiting, under criticism for sponsoring the XFL games, told today's New York Times that the telecast reached its target group.) Perhaps most tellingly, 55 percent said that the XFL game was worse than they had expected.

Source: Studio Briefing