Date: 6th February 2001

Julianne Moore Is Happy Being Unmarried

Actress JULIANNE MOORE is happy being an unmarried mother - because pledging her love to the American Government isn't important to her.

Moore and her movie director boyfriend BART FREUNDLICH have been together since they met on the set of their movie THE MYTH OF FINGERPRINTS, and they have a son together called CAL.

And although Moore hasn't decided whether to marry her boyfriend, she admits being Mrs Freundlich isn't an important aim in her life. She says, "I think we might get married some day, but I have a son with this man, so I have a relationship with him for the rest of my life. "That to me just seemed much bigger than the question of marriage. And when you get married in a civil ceremony, you're promising to the United States of America that you'll stay married. "That to me is the tough part. My relationship with Bart is private, it's personal. We have a child and in that way we'll be together forever. It's a much more unbreakable bond." (SVD/VF/RP)

Source: WENN