Date: 5th February 2001

Jodie Foster Resigns As President Of Cannes Jury

Barely more than two weeks after saying "I've dreamed since my childhood of having the honor of being president of the Cannes jury," Jodie Foster has deferred her dream. She told Cannes Film Festival organizers over the weekend that she is pulling out in order to replace Nicole Kidman in David Fincher's Panic Room. Kidman, who injured her leg while making Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge -- and presumably has not yet made a full recovery -- had reportedly found the role in the Fincher movie too demanding physically.

In a statement Cannes festival president Gilles Jacob commented: "The embarrassment and regret Foster has expressed match the level of our disappointment, but everybody understands that for an actress, her work comes before anything else."

Source: Studio Briefing