Date: 7th September 2000

Clooney Proposes A Noir Batman

George Clooney, perhaps the most critically derided Batman, has offered a suggestion for reviving the Batman movie franchise. "I actually wrote a treatment for the next Batman," Clooney says in an interview appearing in the current Movieline magazine. "You do the movie cheap, in film noir style. "Make Batman the dark knight, something Tim Burton didn't even do. You start at Alfred's burial, with a Sam Spade film noir narrator, talking to this death figure standing there that only he sees. Go into the first big action set with Robin and he gets killed." He suggested that the entire film could be made for about $30 million. Whether Clooney was serious about his noir Batman could not be determined. He did not indicate whether he wanted a second chance at playing the role.

Source: Studio Briefing



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