Date: 5th February 2001

Denise Richards: Fish Lips

BOND babe DENISE RICHARDS was an ugly child - and all her classmates called her "fish lips".

Denise, who shot to fame in STARSHIP TROOPERS and WILD THINGS before teaming up with PIERCE BROSNAN in THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH is now considered one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses. But she stunned when she saw the girl playing a young version of her character in new movie VALENTINE - because the girl was much prettier than Denise herself had been as a child. She says, "I was so flattered that they cast the young girl as they did to play me young because she was so adorable. I did not look like that when I was that age." She adds, "People used to call me `fish lips'. Hopefully, I will have my sweet revenge now that people are putting collagen in their lips." "Every girl at my high school had big hair and feathered-out wings," she says, and they jeered at her for being different.

The DROP DEAD GORGEOUS star says at one point, she wanted to become a veterinarian, because she got to like animals better than humans. Her best pal now is her Boston terrier puppy. (MCM/WNWCPS)

Source: WENN