Date: 25th August 2000

Dudley Moore Abandons All Treatment

Actor DUDLEY MOORE has abandoned all treatment for the degenerative brain disease supernuclear palsy as his condition starts to deteriorate rapidly.

The ARTHUR star is entering his sixth year suffering from the disease, which attacks the brain cells and has left him literally "trapped in his body."

Over the six years Moore has been undergoing treatment at America's KESSLER INSTITUTE - a facility well known for its treatment of supernuclear palsy disorder.

But Moore, who has said himself he is "waiting to die," has now gone against top doctor's advice and given up on his treatment as the disease takes hold.

Kessler institute doctor DR SELLIS says, "Dudley has stopped the treatment here now. He removed himself from the programme. So little is known about the illness I think he has abandoned all hope."


Source: WENN