Date: 4th February 2001

Bond Will Stay In Good Shape

Despite the fact that he is pushing 50, JAMES BOND star PIERCE BROSNAN is determined to stay in good shape for his role.

The handsome 007 actor has a tough workout every day with his personal trainer - and intends to stay in tip-top shape. He says, "It all came late to me and while I feel relaxed about it all, they are already saying how I am starting to go grey and lose my 'boyish good looks.' "But one thing I know is that I won't become a pot-bellied old slouch. I have another Bond movie to make and for Bond you have to be fit. I started a workout routine with Bond trainer SIMON WATERSON and I still do it daily. It's a hideously brutal regime - I pump weights, run, jog, kick-box, all that nonsense." (RXT/II/PDD)

Source: WENN