Date: 4th February 2001

Whoopi Goldberg Urged To Slow Down

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has pals worried she is going to work herself to death if she doesn't stop working so hard.

The SISTER ACT star was taken to hospital last month (JAN01) with chest pains and doctors were forced to check for blockages in her aorta. BRAD CAFARELLI, her spokesman, explains, "She wasn't feeling well. She had several tests done." Doctors gave her the all clear and she was quickly released from hospital that day but friends say she rushed back to work on TV game show HOLLYWOOD SQUARES too soon.

A source says, "She enjoys it but it takes up a lot of time and energy. She works 10 to 12 hours a day." Although the star isn't cutting back on her work, friends say that the scare is forcing her to rethink her eating habits. One explains, "Instead of reaching for the doughnuts, biscuits and crisps, Whoopi's choosing raw vegetables and fruit juices to snack on. "But we want her to lighten her load too before it jeopardises her health." (MB/TS/PDD)

Source: WENN