Date: 2nd February 2001

Stars' Secret Sex Club Revealed

SHARON STONE, HEATHER LOCKLEAR, AL PACINO and HARRISON FORD are all regular visitors of an outrageous New York sex club - which hosts non-stop kinky sexual activity for its patrons.

According to American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER, THE VAULT, where MADONNA shot several photos for her notorious SEX book, has played host to dozens of celebrity guests who come in to watch the bizarre sex shows - and occasionally participate in a few of their own.

Club manager ANTHONY MARINI says troubled supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL visited the Sado-Masochist den on several occasions, and MOTLEY CRUE rocker TOMMY LEE came in with his ex-wife PAMELA ANDERSON - and a Pamela look-a-like. Marini says, "All three were whacked out and staggering. They went up on the second floor where there was a piece of equipment used to tie people up and beat them."

AL PACINO spent a lot of time in the vault while preparing for a role as a homicide investigator on the trail of a sadistic psychopath. Marini recalls, "Al got deeply into the research!"

He also remembers rescuing HARRISON FORD from waiting paparazzi when the married star visited with two leggy blondes in tow. Marini, who smuggled the actor out in a transvestite's coat, received a huge basket of champagne and sweets a few days later accompanied by the message, "Thanks for saving my ass! H.F." (LE/NE/CPT)

Source: WENN



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