Date: 2nd February 2001

Marilyn's No Willy Wonka

LATEST: Shock rocker MARILYN MANSON will not be appearing in the forthcoming WILLY WONKA movie - despite his wishes to star in the film.

The singer had said he wanted to play the lead role in WARNER BROS' remake of WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. But film bosses have denied offering the powder-faced star a role in the movie.

Warners issued a press release stating, "Marilyn Manson has not been cast in a role in the upcoming Warner Brothers Pictures film Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. "Additionally, the director of the project is not TIM BURTON. GARY ROSS is directing the film, currently in development from a screenplay by SCOTT FRANK, which he is adapting from the beloved ROALD DAHL novel.

"Neither Gary Ross nor Warner Bros Pictures has any intention whatsoever of casting Marilyn Manson in the revered role of Willy Wonka or any other role in the film." (RGS/WNWC3W/PDD)

Source: WENN