Date: 1st February 2001

Documentary Captures Tantrums Of Movie Director

A Japanese documentary filmmaker has completed work on a film about the shooting of director Kinji Fukasaku's new film Battle Royale -- but it's unlikely that it will be used to promote the movie, already a controversial hit in Japan. According to today's (Thursday) Yomiuri Shimbun the documentary by Toshiro Uratani includes scenes of Fukasaku shouting at two actresses "Boring! Your 'manzai' (interaction) is boring! Boring manzai is the worst!" In another scene Fukasaku is seen throwing a can of coffee against a table to scare the performers. In reporting on Uratani's film, the Yomiuri observed that Fukasaku's "tantrums on the set are as well known as the work he produces."

Source: Studio Briefing