Date: 31st January 2001

CBS Ratings: Super

The distance in the ratings between CBS and its rivals last week looked like the distance in the score between the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Giants at the Super Bowl as the combination of the bowl game, the post-game and the debut of Survivor II gave the Viacom-owned network an average 12.0 rating and a 19 share.

ABC, which continued to be propped up by its Who Wants to Be a Millionaire quiz show, placed second with a 7.7 rating and a 12 share. NBC followed in third place with a 7.2/11, while Fox finished last with a 5.9/9.

The top ten shows of the week according to Nielsen Research: 1. Super Bowl XXXV - Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants, CBS, 40.4/61; 2. Super Bowl Post Game, CBS, 28.8/43; 3. Survivor II: The Australian Outback (Sunday Premiere), CBS, 24.5/39; 4. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Wednesday), ABC, 13.5/21; 5. Law and Order, NBC, 12.9/21; 6. Millionaire (Thursday), ABC, 12.7/19; 7. West Wing, NBC, 12.3/18; 8. Friends, NBC, 12.1/19; 9. Millionaire (Friday), ABC, 11.5/20; 10. E.R. NBC, 11.4/19.

Source: Studio Briefing