Date: 1st February 2001

Mel B Prepares For Movie Stardom

SCARY SPICE MEL B is excited about starring in her upcoming Indian movie - but insists that she needs acting lessons first.

The feisty SPICE GIRL, who is set to become a Bollywood star, has already starred in short movie FISH and her band's SPICE WORLD film, but plans to brush up her acting skills on her next visit to Los Angeles, California, America.

The WORD UP singer explains, "I'll have to get my acting up to scratch because I'm c***! I do want to do acting in about a year or so and take it quite seriously and have some lessons, but I think I'd avoid bedroom scenes for a bit!" Mel, who hails from Leeds, England, is eager to get her teeth into a script with weightier issues than her past movies. She continues, "I want to get involved with racial issues and not just do like a big soppy film. I'd like to do quite a serious one."

The TELL ME hitmaker admits she's unsure of what her role in the new Bollywood film will involve, explaining, "I haven't got the final script through yet but it's going to be quite a fun thing. I'll be doing a bit of acting and a bit of singing in it and they actually approached me about it which I'm quite flattered about." Filming is due to begin next month (FEB01). (RGS/WNWPO/PDD)

Source: WENN



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