Date: 31st January 2001

Anna Nicole Smith: It Costs A Fortune Being Me

Ex-PLAYBOY model ANNA NICOLE SMITH has told a jury she needed to keep a $487.5 million (325 million) inheritance - because "it's very expensive to be me".

The busty blonde is fighting to retain the massive fortune from her late husband, 90-year-old HOWARD MARSHALL. Oil tycoon Howard's son PIERCE, 62, is suing Anna in an American court, saying she does not deserve the cash. But in the witness box in Houston, Texas, Anna yesterday (30JAN01) revealed, "It's terrible the things I have to do to be me. I am serious. I pay a lot of money to be me."

Former stripper Anna, 32, admitted she easily got through $10,500 (7,000)-a-week in cash that Howard used to send to her. The money went on designer shoes, dresses and jewellery that she needed "to attend weekly movie premieres". The case continues. (RP/WNTST/MCM)

Source: WENN