Date: 31st January 2001

Zeta-Jones To Miss Out On Part Because Of Good Looks

LATEST: CATHERINE ZETA-JONES will miss out on a new movie role - because she's too secure in her own good looks.

The Welsh wife of Hollywood star MICHAEL DOUGLAS had been heavily tipped to portray MARIA CALLAS, in a bio-pic of the sexy Greek singer's life - but now Hollywood sources say Zeta-Jones is unsuitable because Callas was uncomfortable about her appearance, unlike the TRAFFIC star.

Showbiz columnist LIZ SMITH says, "Miss Zeta-Jones is not at all a beauty in the Callas mould. "The luscious young star playing Callas, in a state of insecurity over her looks, would suspend disbelief to the max!" (CPT/WNTSU/KW)

Source: WENN



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