Date: 29th January 2001

Despite Big Ratings, Some Advertisers Aren't Tempted

Despite strong ratings for Fox's Temptation Island, advertisers are reportedly abandoning the show -- and the network has been forced to sell available time on it at bargain rates, the New York Times reported today (Monday). Skittish about the show's sexy content, three big advertisers, Sears, Quaker Oats and Best Buy have already pulled out, with Fox selling spots at cut-rate prices to such advertisers as Nutri-Systems, Slim Jim and David's Bridal Gowns, the Times reported. Michael Riego, an ad buyer for Jordache Jeans, says that his company immediately jumped in to pick up ad time. "We buy audited eyeballs," Riego told the newspaper. "We don't care in the least about people pontificating about content."

Source: Studio Briefing