Date: 29th January 2001

On The Sideline, The Critics Boo

The Super Bowl telecast is being roundly booed by many sports commentators and TV critics in this morning's (Monday) press. New York Daily News sports columnist Bob Raissman comments: "You can bring all the cameras and microphones you want. And you can have the best announcers in the business, but if the Super Bowl is a blowout, the telecast can't be compelling." Tom Shales in the Washington Post says that the latest contest moved the annual affair "closer and closer to the status of just another mediocrity, albeit one with a lot more hype behind it and within it." But Phil Mushnick in the New York Post comments: "Typical Super Bowl telecast. Typical NFL telecast. There's a lot we'd have done differently -- a whole lot -- but CBS couldn't make us shut it off, and in these days of gratuitous screen clutter, that represents a triumph of the sight of the game over the superfluous."

Source: Studio Briefing