Date: 25th January 2001

You Can't Always Get What You Need, Either

After the screening of his World War II spy thriller Enigma was met with what film critic Roger Ebert later described as a "muted reception,"

Mick Jagger took to the stage at Sundance to defend the film. Responding to charges that Enigma, produced by his Jagged Productions and sporting the look of an expensive production, was out of place at a festival aimed at promoting the work of small, independent filmmakers, Jagger commented: "It doesn't have a distributor. It's not from a big studio. It's made with independent money and in England." The film was largely backed by the German film company Intermedia, and at one point the film's co-producer, Lorne Michaels, told the Sundance audience: "In an early cut we had the Germans winning the war, but that tested badly so we went back and changed the ending."

Source: Studio Briefing