Date: 29th January 2001

OJ Liability Appeal Rejected By Court

A state appeals court has rejected OJ SIMPSON's appeal of the $33.5 million (23.9 million) judgement against him for civil liability in the murder of NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON and RONALD GOLDMAN.

The former American football hero was trying to reverse the judgement on grounds that the trial judge erred in rulings on admission and exclusion of evidence. He also argued the damages stemming from the 1994 court case were excessive. But the appeals court ruled on Friday (26JAN01) that Simpson, who was cleared in a criminal case of murdering his ex-wife and her lover, would not be allowed to forgo payment of the $33.5 million civil liability suit.

DANIEL PETROCELLI, Goldman's family lawyer, was thrilled at the court's verdict. He says, "We are gratified that the Court of Appeal has rendered its decision and upheld the verdict and the trial court judgement in their entirety. "We now, indeed, have a final judgement declaring Mr Simpson's responsibility for the deaths of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson." (LE/LADN/MCM)

Source: WENN