Date: 28th January 2001

Elizabeth Hurley Saves Matthew Perry's Life

Sexy ELIZABETH HURLEY is being praised by pals of FRIENDS star MATTHEW PERRY - for saving his life.

Hurley, 35, and Perry, 31, were filming their new movie SERVICING SARA in Texas when the hunky star developed excruciating stomach pains which he diagnosed as a spot of the flu.

Hurley, who is reportedly dating Perry, refused to let him escape a check-up from the doctor, who discovered the actor was actually suffering from a recurrence of pancreatitis. Perry was in hospital last year (00) suffering from the same condition and Hurley insisted he check into Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Texas, America.

A pal says, "Liz watched over Matt like a mother hen. But she could see he was getting worse and told him he needed to see a doctor. "Finally he relented. After treatment, the first person he called was Liz to thank her for saving his life." (SVD/NE/PDD)

Source: WENN