Date: 27th January 2001

Russell Crowe Warned Away From Leelee

GLADIATOR star RUSSELL CROWE has been warned to stay away from an actress half his age - by her mother.

LEELEE SOBIESKI, 18, caught the New Zealand stud's eye when she met him at the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS in Los Angeles, California last week (21JAN01). But instead of being pleased about the attention her daughter was getting, angry Mum ELIZABETH - who accompanied her to the bash - was furious. While the couple were chatting, Elizabeth stormed over and snatched Leelee away. She has told friends she only did it to stop Leelee being heartbroken by the star, who has a reputation for being a womaniser.

She told a pal, "Look what happened to MEG RYAN. Leelee is only 18 and she should be dating boys her own age." As well as making her mother angry, Crowe had already reportedly ruined his chances with Leelee by coming on too strong. One onlooker says, "Leelee appeared okay with Crowe's advances until he started stroking her hair and rubbing the back of her neck. Then she held her hand up as if to set boundaries. He reacted by slightly raising his open hands in a gesture that seemed to suggest, 'Hey no harm, no foul'." (JXH/WNTST/RGS)

Source: WENN