Date: 24th January 2001

Temptation Island Gives Fox A Big Lift

Temptation Island proved mighty tempting to viewers last week as it put Fox into the top-ten for the first time in a long while with non-sports programming.

The controversial series increased its viewership some nine percent in its second week even as another new reality series, ABC's The Mole, saw its viewership plunge 16 percent in its second go-round. NBC won the week, thanks in large measure to the success of Sunday night's telecast of the Golden Globe Awards. The network averaged an 8.9 rating and a 14 share. ABC, which continued to be bolstered by strong numbers for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (all four weekly episodes landed in the top ten), was in second place with an average 8.1/13, followed by CBS with an 8.2/13. (The apparent discrepancy is due to the fact that ABC attracted 12.2 million viewers while CBS had 11.5 million.) Fox was fourth with a 6.7/10.

The top ten shows of the week according to Nielsen Research:
1. Golden Globe Awards, NBC, 14.6/23; 2. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Wednesday), ABC, 13.4/20; 3, Millionaire (Thursday), ABC, 13.2/21; 4. 60 Minutes, CBS, 13.2/21; 5. Law and Order, NBC, 12.6/20; 6. Millionaire (Friday), ABC, 12.2/21; 7. Millionaire (Sunday), ABC, 12.0/17; 8. Frasier, NBC, 11.9/18; 9. Temptation Island, Fox, 11.5/17; 10. (Tie) Friends, NBC, 11.2/17; Judging Amy, CBS, 11.2/17.

Source: Studio Briefing