Date: 23rd January 2001

Michael Clarke Duncan's Hospital Embarrassment

Movie star MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN was left embarrassed during a recent hospital trip, after spraining his ankle on the set of PLANET OF THE APES - because he didn't have time to take off his gorilla make-up.

The hulking 6ft 5ins actor is currently recovering from the onset injury, and he says he'll never forget his trip to the hospital. He says, "I caught my heel and went down like a five-ton elephant, but that wasn't the worst part.

The worst part was that I had to go to the emergency room with my make-up on - full armour and everything. "There were like 25 people in there, and they all turned around and looked at me like, `What? They got a gorilla coming in here in a wheelchair." (KL/LADN/PDD)

Source: WENN