Date: 23rd January 2001

Vandals Knock The Notting Hill Door

The doorway made famous in the British hit film NOTTING HILL is being targeted by vandals.

The late DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES's brother EARL SPENCER who lives in the house with girlfriend CAROLINE FREUD is fed up of seeing graffiti on the black front door.

A friend of the couple says, "They keep on painting over it, but it keeps on reappearing. "They're not sure if it's people who think HUGH GRANT lives behind it, or a 'tag' which is the mark of territory from local gangs. Whatever, it's a real eyesore." Caroline, 34, went to great lengths to dissociate her home with the film starring HUGH GRANT and JULIA ROBERTS. She bought the house, with the much-photographed original blue door, from the movie's writer RICHARD CURTIS for 1.2million ($1.8m) but was so perturbed by the constant attention of film fans and tourists she sold the door at an auction for 5,750 ($8,625) and replaced it with a black door.

The day after the sale, "
blue door RIP' was scribbled on a nearby wall and despite a good scrubbing, it reappeared two months later. "They thought it would just die down," explains a source, "but it's not the case." (RP/WNTEX/PDD)

Source: WENN



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