Date: 21st January 2001

Kate's First Hand Rock Experience

KATE HUDSON took her role as a groupie in her movie ALMOST FAMOUS seriously - her research was so good she's become a "groupie for life".

Kate, the daughter of actress GOLDIE HAWN, recently married singer CHRIS ROBINSON of retro-rockers THE BLACK CROWES (31DEC00) - but the beautiful blonde says being a rock groupie nowadays isn't as exciting as it was in the seventies, when her critically acclaimed film is set.

She says, "I prepared for my role as PENNY LANE by becoming Chris's groupie for life. He actually loved the script, but he'll be the first to admit that things have changed somewhat in the music business since the 70s. "There's still the sex and drugs all right, but there just isn't as much of it nowadays. Bands drink a lot more bottled water now, and they tend to indulge in healthier backstage parties too." (RXT/II/CPT)

Source: Studio Briefing