Date: 19th January 2001

Neve Sweats It Out

Actress NEVE CAMPBELL has been sweating it out in Los Angeles' latest meditation trend.

The SCREAM star has become a devotee of the sweat lodge craze - a Native American tradition of cleansing and praying - and she can't wait for her next session. It is just 30 years since the last Native American was arrested and imprisoned for organising a then-illegal sweat lodge.

Campbell says, "This lodge was led by an Indian called WHITE WOLF and I went with my martial arts class. "They build a tent and it's completely black inside and they heat up stones, really hot and you crawl in and myself and 13 people sat in the dark in a circle and they bring in drums. "They call in spirits. The whole process is about six hours long but I was in there for two hours.

They have these buckets of water and when the buckets are empty then the sweat's over. "
It was an amazing experience. I'm not good with heavy heat but it was very meditative. "Some of these Indian guys there had scars all over their chests and I asked them why - they pierce their chests and put these hooks in and attach themselves to a tree for three days. I wouldn't go that far." (KL/WNV/RGS)

Source: WENN