Date: 19th January 2001

Costner On The Come Back

KEVIN COSTNER isn't worried about his career - despite a string of box office flops.

The American actor, who won an Oscar for DANCES WITH WOLVES a decade ago (91), has suffered high profile movie disasters like WATERWORLD (95) and THE POSTMAN (97) in recent years - but has been bolstered by the warm critical reception his latest film THIRTEEN DAYS has received.

He says, "People have been telling me that I am finished since I started. "The fuss over Waterworld soon died down when they realised it was a film worth seeing for many reasons. I think they will look back on The Postman in much the same way. "If I worried about tomorrow because of what people said about my ability I wouldn't bother getting out of bed." (CPT/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN