Date: 15th January 2001

Catherine's Tuxedo Ultimatum

CATHERINE ZETA JONES left new husband MICHAEL DOUGLAS paranoid on their wedding day (NOV00) after nagging him about his tuxedo choice.

The Welsh actress was amazed when her then fiance announced he hadn't even tried his tuxedo on a day before the wedding - and that he was planning to wear an old one he took home from a movie. She recalls, "He said, 'I'm going to wear one of my old tuxedos - probably the one I wore in PERFECT MURDER,' and I said, 'Oh, does it fit?' and he said he'd try it on.

I swear to God the day before the wedding I asked him, 'So did it fit?' and he said, 'Oh God, I forgot to do that.' I said to him, 'If I walk down that aisle and you're wearing a tuxedo from when you did THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO with the 70s collars, I am turning around, walking back up the aisle and running out.' "When we made eye contact at the service and we were smiling and laughing I know he was thinking about his tuxedo, thinking 'I hope this is OK.'" (KL/WNV/PDD)

Source: WENN