Date: 13th January 2001

Helen Hunt's Dream Come True

Oscar-winning HELEN HUNT has finally realised her professional dream - by working with WOODY ALLEN.

The PAY IT FORWARD star, who is part of the cast of Allen's untitled new film, admits like most Hollywood stars she's always wanted to be in one of the eccentric director's critically- acclaimed films. She explains, "It's a lifetime of saying to yourself, 'I wonder if I'll ever get that call?' and even now it hasn't really sunk in. "I used to have my agent call him all the time and ask if there was any little thing I could do. "And I never heard anything back for decades, and then, out of the blue, it was like, 'Woody's sending you his new script tomorrow'. Lucky me."

The process of making the film was just as exciting as Helen hoped. She laughs, "There were times when it was rather odd. You think, 'Wow, this is like a Woody Allen movie about being in a Woody Allen movie'." (NFA/WNBTI)

Source: WENN