Date: 14th January 2001

Basinger And Baldwin In Fight To Keep Daughter

LATEST: Warring Hollywood couple KIM BASINGER and ALEC BALDWIN are facing a bitter financial and custody battle after their tempestuous seven-year marriage collapsed in acrimony.

Friends of the couple are worried the pair's five-year-old daughter IRELAND will be caught in the legal warfare crossfire after the LA CONFIDENTIAL actress, who suffers from anxiety attacks, announced she was suing for divorce, citing "unreconcilable differences".

Oscar-winning Kim and Alec have fought over money ever since the actress was left bankrupt after losing a $9 million (6 million) court battle over her refusal to appear in the controversial film BOXING HELENA.

Baldwin has also raged at his emotionally fragile wife for showering presents on a female confidante with whom she is reportedly obsessed. Others claim the friendship was Kim's way of coping with the collapsing marriage.

A friend of the couple says, "As she and Alec's fights have become nastier and more public, Kim has turned to this woman for comfort."


Source: WENN